Empowering farmers, one community at a time

We keep the food chain going by empowering farmers with money we get from you and we find value for your money by putting it in a worthy ideal, that is Agriculture.

Why Farmstripe?

We believe food production is essential for sustainable development

Our mission is to provide a platform that ensures a future where challenges of farmers and consumers are subsidized, leading to sustainable development of rural communities, reduced hunger and poverty alleviation, through increasing food production and security in Africa.
To achieve this goal, we are bound by our core values of; Reliabilty, Accountability, Integrity, Service and Excellence (R.A.I.S.E.)

Food production

Our Focus

We are focused on the following:

REDUCING HUNGERWith Food importation at its height and Africa's growing population. Farmstripe is on a mission make food available from Africa to the world.

DEVELOPING RURAL COMMUNITIESWe work with farming communites and are driving real change by providing what they need to be better farmers and happier people.

THE BEST RETURNS FOR YOUOur Subscribers get exciting returns per cycle. Our farmers maximize their yield and the nation has more food.


We are Safe and Insured

With Farmstripe your sponsorship is in safe hands. Our platform was built with the security of your funds as priority and thats is why our farms are comprehensively insured by Leadway Assurance to mitigate against crop loss from flood, fire, windstorm ,aircraft, disease and outbreak of pests.

TRACK YOUR SPONSORSHIPThe option of tracking the progress of the farm is available on the dashboard to enable the sponsor know at what stage the farm is operating.

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Available Farms

Select a farm you will like to sponsor from the available farms and the number of units you want, then proceed to pay the sponsorship fee on our secure platform, payment will be reflected in your account immediately.

How It Works

Farmstripe is committed to making your agro-investments as easy and fluid as possible. No more long processes and agonizing protocols

Create account
Create an account
Create an account in less than a minute
Sponsor a farm
Pick from the variety of farms available to sponsor
Track your farm
Track the process of your farm for progress on your dashboard
Get great returns
Get your returns at the time when due, no hassles


My experience with Farmstripe has been completely seamless. I put in my money and in exactly 6 months I got my capital plus my interest. The process of withdrawal is exceptionally fast. I am glad that I have found a platform that can help me put my money to good use.
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Wole Ayodele
Farm Sponsor
My attraction to farmstripe is the ease to which I can fund farms and get back my investment returns in a timely manner. Also to add, they have one of the best Return.
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Sarah Uyime
Farm Sponsor
My experience with Farmstripe thus far has been splendid. One major thing I love about farmstripe is the fact that I can sleep well knowing fully well that my money is in safe hands and they’ll deliver at the exact time they say they’ll deliver. There have been no ‘stories’ whatsoever about my funds. I also love how easy it is to fund farms and the idea of solving hunger problems in the world.
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Eniola Falana
Farm Sponsor
Ready to become a sponsor, fund farms, allevaite hunger, revamp agriculture and enjoy great returns all from your comfort