About Us

Farmstripe is an Agro Tech company that is passionate about solving the lack of food issues in the world.
We do that by getting funds from people to Improve the agricultural practices of farmers; technologically and providing them with information.
We also promise the people who funds farms a decent return after the farming cycle.

With Farmstripe, we all Win and we will tell you how

We make farmers happy by supporting them with funds from you, The funds will be used by farmers to farm food for eating and processing And you get a decent return after each cycle . It is our goal to make food enough for the world.

Food production

Why Farmstripe?

We believe food production is essential for sustainable development

Our mission is to provide a platform that ensures a future where challenges of farmers and consumers are subsidized, leading to sustainable development of rural communities, reduced hunger and poverty alleviation, through increasing food production and security in Africa.
To achieve this goal, we are bound by our core values of; Reliabilty, Accountability, Integrity, Service and Excellence (R.A.I.S.E.)

Food production

Our Focus

We are focused on the following:

REDUCING HUNGERWith Food importation at its height and Africa's growing population. Farmstripe is on a mission make food available from Africa to the world.

DEVELOPING RURAL COMMUNITIESWe work with farming communites and are driving real change by providing what they need to be better farmers and happier people.

THE BEST RETURNS FOR YOUOur Subscribers get exciting returns per cycle. Our farmers maximize their yield and the nation has more food.


We are Safe and Insured

With Farmstripe your sponsorship is in safe hands. Our platform was built with the security of your funds as priority and thats is why our farms are comprehensively insured by Leadway Assurance to mitigate against crop loss from flood, fire, windstorm ,aircraft, disease and outbreak of pests.

TRACK YOUR SPONSORSHIPThe option of tracking the progress of the farm is available on the dashboard to enable the sponsor know at what stage the farm is operating.

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